BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev-pimoWIP, cp list.scm in status.scmPierre-Moana Levesque11 days
masterAdd Brochette description to all headers.Mathieu Othacehe4 days
wip-user-configwip: Introduce .brochetterc.Mathieu Othacehe10 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysAdd Brochette description to all headers.HEADmasterMathieu Othacehe22-22/+22
10 daysmanifest: Fix a bug when trying to call absolute on #f.Mathieu Othacehe2-11/+12
10 daysmanifest: Check for extra-projects in validate-workdir.Mathieu Othacehe1-5/+27
10 daystests: Remove leftover pk calls.Mathieu Othacehe1-10/+10
10 daysrepo: Handle project's 'groups' attribute.Mathieu Othacehe4-9/+40
11 daysREADME: Add basic informations.Mathieu Othacehe1-0/+22
11 daysAUTHORS: Update and add a brief explanation of brochette origins.Mathieu Othacehe1-0/+9
11 daysutils: Introduce file-name-predicate and find-files.Mathieu Othacehe1-1/+52
11 daysmanifest: Introduce validate-workdir.Mathieu Othacehe1-0/+20
11 daysrepo: Use an absolute workdir path.Mathieu Othacehe1-3/+4